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Framed print of a bear on desk

Bring on the wild


Saloni taking a photo of phonecase merch Ana C Luy


"Ana’s work is so colourful and reminds me of the outdoors and so many people have stopped me to ask where my phone case is from!

 It honestly makes me happy every time I look at my phone!"

Ed and Alex showcasing t-shirts from Ana C Luy


"I really like the buffalo painting, which is why got the matching merchandise. 


The colours and the style, the expression in the eyes, and the details all make her paintings great"

Everest painting Ana C Luy


"I grew up in India and have always dreamed about going to see [Everest] some day so this painting is actually really personal for me.


I love the starry background because you can really see the vastness of the universe with the greatness of the mountains."


I am so excited you're here! I would love to show you around.

On my website you'll be able to find everything about my art and my processes. You can see my Portfolio, read some funny poetry or buy some cool merch.  If you want to know more about me and my story, click below!

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