Hi there!

Hi! my name is Ana and I love painting animals. I also love food, but I guess you didn't stop by here to read that... unless you love food too - in that case drop me a DM and we can talk about it...

The purpose of my art is to bring some happiness into someone's home. I love painting something that makes someone else feel warm and fuzzy. So I try to make all my paintings with as much love as I can (like Grandma's nanaimo bars - look them up, they're delicious). 

I love working on paper and canvas as much as online on my drawing tablet or designing websites. I don't really think I'm a particular type of artist, and don't think I have a distinctive style either (at least, I haven't discovered it yet - please let me know if you think you've found it!). 

Whether you saw a particular painting that spoke to you, or if you're a freelancer wanting to start a website, I'd love to talk to you - please make sure to send me a message below or DM me on social media!

My Work



Started the illustrations for Jayne Luy's poems - all by hand. We're now releasing them one by one on social media. You can find them in the  Poems tab for your joy and entertainment!



I took a break from art to go to the University of Exeter to study microbiology followed by a masters in Biomedical research at Imperial College London. I started painting Bear in 2016.



By 2019, I had been painting on canvases for a few of years, I was working in sales and taking various courses in online Marketing and Personal Branding. This was the year I decided to open up this website! 


Introduced the Abstracts Collection using acrylic pouring techniques and the clothing shop and merch shop!

(Yes I'm also TRYING to teach myself how to play the base during lockdown!)

Got any ideas on what I should do next? Let me know!

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