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Thank you so much for stopping by! Hello!

My name is Ana Cristina Luy and I've been painting animals since 2016. I grew up in Latin America, in multiple cities between Brazil, Mexico and Peru. I am now in Calgary, living near my wonderful parents-in-law. I love playing the bass, singing, dancing and bouldering.

In terms of art - my biggest interest is to capture close up shots of animals, and through this, my goal is to create a momentary connection between my work and the audience.


Animals have such amazing and unique souls I'm very fortunate to have the oppor-tunity to try and capture these

I find a sense of real peace when I'm painting animals; I became a biologist because they fascinate me, so I try to pour as much love as I can into every canvas.

On a more serious tone, anthro-pomorphic threats such as climate change and surplus killing are a real danger to many species. I'd like to play a part (even if only a little!) to help where I can, so for every print or original canvas I sell,

15% of the price goes to animal conservation charities.


More specifically, I focus on the following charities: Nikela (International) and Defenders of Wildlife as a local option (click on the names to access the link to each of their webpages). They have lots of initiatives that target specific countries and animals.

I'd (always) love to hear about new charity options, so if you have a local (Canadian) or any other charity you love, do message me; or if you'd like to chat more about any of the things I mentioned above do make sure to send me a message below or DM me on Instagram!


I also happen to have an amazing and hilarious mother-in-law who is a creative genius. She has been writing poetry for years now and I've had the greatest opportunity to bring some of her characters to life.


If you only have about 5 mins spare today, do read one of the poems - they're so worth it!

We hope to publish these poems into a book someday, so we really appreciate your feedback and enthusiasm.

Thank you again for stopping by and reading a little about me. Do feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to talk about anything, or if you'd like to know more about commissions.

Have a great rest of your day!

Ana holding molten abstract art
want to see my art?
Walter the walrus on iceberg
want to see something funny?
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