To your  right you can see some of the poem images I illustrated. Even though my preference is to draw animals, I had an absolute blast sketching the poem about Canada. If you haven't read it yet - you can find it here. It's one of the funniest ones!



Here are some photos of where some of my paintings have ended up. The ones that are not with me, have found the coolest homes, with friends or family - the support means to much to me, thank you!



The gallery of videos to your left show many of the paintings I made and how I made them. If you have any questions about paints used, technique or choices I made, do contact me, I'd love to chat!


Lastly, here you can find some of the merch I offer. It's not the most modern fashion out there, but the clothes are SO comfy (you don't understand how important this is for me!)

The phone cases are also so much fun and unique - I can finally take Jupiter with me wherever I go :)


Hi there!

thank you so much for stopping by

I'm not sure where to start here... I'm Brazilian - married to a Canadian; lived in Peru, Mexico, and currently residing in London. I am a microbiologist, a project manager and a painter. In my spare time I love to boulder, and dance to latin beats (salsa, bachata, reguaetton, you name it). Love going to church and am learning how to play the bass and taking singing lessons. Weird cookie, huh? haha!

In terms of art - my biggest interest is to capture close up shots of animals, and through this, my goal is to create a momentary connection between my work and the audience -


to give you a glimpse of the animal's soul.

I also can only paint when I'm happy, and try to pour as much love as I can into every canvas, just like Grandma's nanaimo bars! (look them up, they're delicious).

I find a sense of real peace when I'm painting animals; I became a biologist because they fascinate me. Anthropomorphic threats such as climate change and surplus killing are a real danger to many species. So if you were to order any of my prints,


know that 20% of the proceedings go to animal conservation charities.


The one I'm giving to this year is Nikela (click on the name to access the link to their webpage). They have lots of initiatives that target specific countries and animals.

I'd love to chat more about any of the things I mentioned above, so whether you saw a particular painting that spoke to you or if you're a freelancer wanting to start a website, or if you'd like to let me know of any more cool charities out there, please make sure to send me a message below or DM me on social media!


Interested in a commission or want to chat art?

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