Fauna is my main collection - the one I'm putting most work into right now. I am moved by animals and their innocent, telling gaze.

Someone once asked me what drives me to start a new canvas, and the answer to that is: there is so much beauty in our world.


I grew up in huge cities, the biggest ones in the world (Sāo Paulo, Mexico City, London...) and I didn't have a connection with nature as much as I wish I'd had. The nature that I knew was humid and full of mosquitoes... but that's not what I experienced when I first travelled to Canada where I discovered that nature is huge - I had never seen animals THAT BIG! (I mean, I'm short but you could be 6' 5 and still feel threatened by a moose!).

What struck me most is that you could live your whole life in a city and not experience the majesty of the creatures that inhabit the world alongside us. Some of us don't get to experience nature like that easily, apart from going to the zoo growing up... so my drive is to have the honour to paint beautiful creations, capturing their innocence, their power and majesty and to share it with people! My goal is to make the viewer experience an awe, to invoke feelings of love and comfort, I hope you truly enjoy this collection, because it means a great deal to me!



Abstracts is my most recent collection and the one where I am a little more experimental. Detailed paintings of animals and landscapes can take months to finish, so the abstracts provide an outlet when I have bursts of creativity, which usually end the same day. I play around with colour palettes, paint consistencies, techniques, patterns and so on and it's, so, much, fun!

I started this collection when I was feeling inspired to paint planets. I've always had a fascination with our solar system and even wrote a blog post about Nasa's mission to Jupiter (Juno spacecraft), back in 2011 when it took off from Earth. I had been following the mission and when Nasa started releasing the gorgeous images of Jupiter as never seen before, it inspired me to create.

If you look at some of my abstracts such as Jove, Molten and Ice cream you'll see something that might remind you of Jupiter, or other planets. I hope you enjoy this collection as well - it's full of crazy, unpredictable art! If you'd like to try creating an abstract yourself, check out my Instagram where I regularly post videos that you can follow!