• Written by Jayne Luy

Walter The Right-Side-Up-Up-Side-Down Walrus

Well, weary walrus Walter

really couldn’t take a rest,

though he was pretty heavy

and broad across the chest;

he longed to flop down anywhere

and have a lengthy break!

but then he’d faint from panic

that he’d sit upon a snake!

No, Walter’d never seen a snake,

but once he’d read a book;

how could a creature have no legs?

or hang upon a hook?

How could a fellow take his length,

and tie it in a knot?

How could that fellow sleep at all?

his head just might get caught!

Poor Walter’s fear had grown so great, and brought his mind so low; he’d not sat down for thirteen years, just stood on tippy-toe!

The truth is, they weren’t toes at all

but flippers, fins, or flaps.

And they were pretty sore by now,

and needed cotton wraps!

But cotton’s pretty hard to find

in frozen Nordic seas

if Walt could kneel, that might be nice,

but Walter had no knees.

Alas, there was no answer, friend!

So Walter was just stuck.

No Doctor or Psychologist!

Walt had no such luck.

He’d give up sleep forever!

Keep watch at dawn and dusk!

He’d never wake to greet a snake,

all wound around his tusk!

Well, every person has a fear, and every creature, too. But, Walter was a bit too stressed. What would you have him do?

Every tree has roots

and every mountain has a base.

Good thing Walter had his flaps,

or he’d be on his face!

The flaps were frozen solid though.

Frozen flaps can’t feel.

Life was just a ten-foot freeze. 

Now that’s a crummy deal!

Well, Walter’s friends had flippers too.

Working ones, what’s more.

Thirteen years was just too much,

so they showed Walt ‘the door’.

They pried him loose, then formed a wall,

and all began to heave.

Their walrus muscles really worked,

for Walt began to leave!

They rolled his massive, frozen self,

and pushed it out to float

Upon an icy platform perch

that functioned as a boat.

‘We love you Walt! But you need change! We’ve set you out to sail!’

Walt waved his frozen flaps, and cried,

and thumped his walrus tail.

He bawled so hard, he fell asleep!

For three-years-and-a-half!

He woke up in Antarctica!

Still floating on his raft!

Well, Walt began to live again.

He loved his normal life!

He bathed, and flopped, and fell in love!

And almost got a wife.

But woe! A friendly bird named Bill