Inspired by top down views of our seas.

Ice Cream has a lot more cells compared to the other acrylic artwork, the whites are a lot more blended, creating this feeling of dissolved, similar to waves breaking up. It features similar colours to the other paintings, with the contrasting blue and copper.

The name Ice Cream was suggested on Instagram, as I made that painting in the hottest week we've had so far in London.


'Ice Cream' - Abstracts Collection

Original Acrylic Paintings 12 x 12 inch canvas

Also available as a merchandise product.
Please note that colours in the computer may slightly vary from colours in the painting.

Ice Cream

  • This acrylic painting is composed of one 12 x 12 inch canvas. To clean, just wipe it down with a dry clean cloth. 

    This painting comes with wiring for hanging.

    Does not include frame.

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